Miles for Smiles

A good ride for a good cause

21.4.2017 – Words by Isadore team

“We will ride the whole race together because
together we are stronger.”

What it’s all about

People create amazing stuff: reusable space rockets, heart tissue grown from spinach leaves, advanced AI and so on. And yet there are still issues that, unfortunately, haven’t been solved, like how to cure multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a long-term disabling disease in which
the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged
causing communication problems between the brain and the rest of body.

On May 6, the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society organizes the MS Bike Challenge 2017. Their task is to increase the awareness and raise funds for the research of MS. This year, we would like to join this activity.

The race

The route starts in Copenhagen and leads to the Denmark's northernmost town Skagen:

Meet the Miles for Smiles team

  • Benjamin Andresen

  • Eva Synnestvedt Hansen

“For us, happiness and joy are fundamental human rights and in the ideal world we all have the equal opportunity to pursue our goals. Sadly, diseases like multiple sclerosis make it harder for some people. This issue is acute and we can’t ignore it.

Therefore, we will ride 737 km, from Copenhagen to Skagen, to raise funds and increase awareness about the disease. The whole race we will ride
together because together we are stronger.

You can help us create smiles on those faces that need help to do so, by supporting our ride. All money we collect will go to the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society.”

— Miles For Smiles team

Limited edition jerseys

The team will be riding in our limited edition jerseys — Miles For Smiles. You can support them by getting one for yourself. The whole net profit from the sold jerseys will be donated to the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society.


About the organisation

The Danish MS Society is a private disease combating organization that operates by means of collected funds. Since 1957, the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society has led the way in research, patient support and providing information on Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


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