What it was really like: above the Arctic Circle

Behind one of our most atmospheric lookbooks

26.10.2017 – Words by Isadore team

Finally. The AW2017 collection is out there, the lookbook is published, and we are left with more than three thousand amazing photos and dozens of videos.

Our Lofoten photoshoot was one of the hardest we’ve ever put together, but it was definitely worth it. For those of you with curious eyes, keen to see how things were done, we’ve prepared some stories to give you a flavour, told by each person who made the whole Lofoten adventure possible.

We hope you enjoy it.

Peter Meciar, the brilliant photographer behind all our lookbooks:

“I will always remember the cold morning and the sunrise associated with the ride; the sound of of the fast-passing bikes and the scent of coffee; the endless views on the hills and the rain that was our daily companion.”

Eva Synnestvedt Hansen, our friend, ambassador & model:

“The mix between the shifting weather and the steep mountains was astonishing. We got the best and the worse of Lofoten in three days!”

Benjamin Andresen, great guy & the model in many of our lookbooks:

“I remember one of the days when we had to go out for the shoot. It’s an understatement to say the weather was not the best. We waited for an hour or more, but decided to go regardless of the conditions. After all it was an autumn/winter shoot.

“When hitting the road the sky just opened up and in less than five minutes we were drenched to the skin. We were asked if we wanted to go back – the only option that would make sense to normal people. None of us wanted that. We just wanted to go. We were already totally out of our comfort zone.

“It was nothing about ‘being a badass’ by riding in bad weather. For me, it was all about trying to document why cycling is important. How it teached me things I didn’t know.

Nobody likes to be wet and cold, but as many facets as life has, so too has cycling. And that’s still the absolute beauty of cycling.

“We got some great footage and a really great experience that day. We had the choice not to.”

Simon Hedman, an avid cyclist, Eva’s boyfriend and the first-time model at Isadore:

“The scenic views of Lofoten were way and beyond what I ever could imagine, at times I think we were all so stunned by the panoramas we never got to experience the true elements that we were facing."

Zuzana Velitsova, the one who organises photoshoots better than anyone else:

“In between all the travel to locations, shooting and video production, preparing stuff for shooting and cooking, we had a great time with a lot of laughter and good vibes. Even though the weather was not ideal, we always stopped by and enjoyed the amazing views.

Big respect and thanks to the riders, and everyone who was a part of it. Going to miss our walkie-talkie chats.”

Tomáš Franta, cinematographer from Vankusik Studio & a very nice guy:

“When the guys from Isadore asked me to participate in shooting this lookbook on the Lofoten Islands, I didn’t hesitate for a second. It was an incredible experience to shoot in such beautiful untouched country. Even in the moments when they were totally soaking wet, the riders tried to persuade us to continue shooting – I knew then that this was going to be something unforgettable and unique. A great team and great memories.”

Vladino Kralik, skilful freelance photographer:

“I remember sugar powder in the Vienna airport, Tibor’s yufka, hamburger, crazy night ride, my morning jump from the terrace directly to the fjord, Eva’s smile, BIG WALL on the road to Nusfjord, incredible views, sun between the clouds and colourful houses. The Lofoten Islands are every scenic photographer’s dream – and for me, it came true already twice.”

Tibor Bolega, our friend, safe driver & a great cook

“I would call it a holiday in Lofot-heaven. For me as a driver and a guy who enjoys making food for hungry people, this trip was such a dream — not like work at all. Driving on these roads wasn’t just driving a big van, I felt like a captain cruising my ship with the best crew on the deck.

“I remember Eva’s elegance, Simon’s performance and Benjamin’s style. It is something you don’t see everyday, so you just envy every moment. Climbing out of the van and joining them was sorely tempting – even in the pouring rain.

“A part of my heart has stayed in Lofoten, I hope to return sometime. Thank you Isadore, I will never forget.”

Backstage photography by Vladimír Králik

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