Make Christmas shopping easier for your friends and family

Christmas is coming and everyone has a lot on their plates. Do your non-cycling friends and family say you are hard to shop for? Want to give them some great ideas? Then make an Isadore Wishlist!

Here’s what you do

  • 1.BROWSE
    Go into our webstore and create a Christmas Wishlist
    Share your list with everyone who will want to buy you a present
  • 3.SHARE
    Choose your preferred method of sharing via social media or email the link

Colorful new tees for the holidays

And if you are having trouble deciding what you want, take a look at our two new Isadore x Kompot t-shirt designs. Make a statement at your next Xmas party!

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The gift
everyone loves

Still don’t know what you want? Or looking for a cycling friend who seems to have everything? Remember an Isadore Gift Card is a great way to get your friends exactly what they want.

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