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As former pros, we can empathize with anyone drawn to the excitement and commitment of competitive racing.

But when we retired, we were looking to create cycling clothing based first around comfort and then focus on techy performance. Of course racing is in our blood and part of who we are, which is why we have created the Echelon Line.

These pieces are more performance driven than the rest of the collection.

We are using highly technical fabrics and materials to create cycling clothes that offer a snug fit for aerodynamic performance. They remain highly breathable so that you won’t feel suffocated in your kit.

And the Echelon items are minimally branded, which is something we can still very much enjoy after years of riding around as billboards for our sponsors.

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Echelon Gilet

The latest addition to our high performance, unconventional Echelon product line

This featherweight gilet has been constructed from a high performing, wind resistant Swiss lightweight three layer membrane fabric. In combination with the super stretchable Italian mesh fabric that weighs close to nothing, this gilet pack easily into a jersey back pocket, and it remains inconspicuous when you’re riding with it.

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We knew exactly what we wanted from the gilet in terms of fit and performance. It has a race fit, but thanks to using highly elastic fabrics and refined cut, it will work very well for every type of rider.

Schoeller Swiss made three layer membrane fabric. Is extremely wind resistant with ceramic coating on the inner side for easier gliding when putting the gilet on and taking it off.

In our quest to rediscover and revisit the feeling of freedom and pure joy we get from riding, we will be traveling to some interesting places. And we will be sharing those #cyclingmemories with you.

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