Collecting cycling memories on the Costa Brava

When deciding where to send our Isadore ambassadors to test out our 2018 Spring and Summer collection, few places could provide the variety of terrains, quality of roads and type of weather better than the region in and around Girona, Spain.

Much more on the cyclist’s itinerary since it has become one of the major European capitals for professionals, this corner of Catalunya has a long history, beautiful scenery and amazing cuisine, which makes it also a perfect place to come looking for great rides that will focus less on your power numbers and more on taking in the pleasures of the surroundings.

Letting their curiosity be their guide, our ambassadors have been able to hit some of the highlights of the region, putting their Isadore kit through the ringer, and enjoying themselves in sunny Spain.

Coming from all over Europe, our five riders bring their own methods and preferences, which informs their travels as well.




Eva comes from Copenhagen and is a scientist working in a large Danish pharmaceutical company. As a cyclist, she is an expert at riding long distances and enjoys the mental challenge of that type of riding.

Roads are built in order to go somewhere. To be crossed and explored. You don’t get to pick your favorite path every time, but I hope everyone lets their heart lead the way.
For most of the time I leave my instinct in charge of following my life choices. Sharing my cycling experience with friends or new people I have met is always something to celebrate.

Thank you Girona, you were inspiring.

The roads of Girona are the gift that keeps on giving. They twist, they rise and they fall. All within the beautifully temperate climate. My favourite bit? Leaving the city via picturesque lanes, exploring the beautiful and challenging countryside filled with switchbacks and losing yourself in panoramic sea views.

Looking back to the scenic and unforgettable views of Girona makes me understand why I love the sport of cycling. For some people, riding a bicycle up a mountain top is called stupidity and for other it's called a passion. We all shared that same passion...the cat included.

Juliette – France

Juliette lives in Nancy, France. Though she grew up practicing many types of sports including gymnastics, finding a love for the bike has opened up new worlds to her: cycling as far as she can, exploring new roads, sharing rides with friends or strangers. She continually wants to learn, discover and improve.


Coming from Kent in the south of England, Miles enjoys riding his bike through some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Britain. Cycling began as simple transportation for him, but now it represents freedom and the ability to explore the world.

Norbert – Austria

From Vienna, Austria, Norbert works as a professional car driver, road safety and motorsport trainer and consultant manager in related facility projects. He loves cycling because it allows him to discover new roads.

I will always remember the fresh air, the motivation, the excitement and the overwhelming joy of this moment. Knowing my friends at my side, riding these awesome roads here in Girona, I also wanted this moment, this day, to last as long as possible.. It cannot get better than this!


Simon was born in Sweden but lives in Copenhagen and studies digital marketing. He loves cycling because it brings him closer to the rhythms and beauty of nature. And at the same time, riding his bike gives him the chance to challenge himself.

City cruising is, for me, the best way to explore a city. It’s faster than walking but slower and better than a car. You get the smells, the wind, the sounds and all the little details. The tiny roads of the old part of Girona were like a maze where small cafés and shops popped up when you least expected them. Including the occasional perfect opportunity for ‘baaw’ (bike against the wall) pictures.

Sant Grau | Coast road between Sant Grau & Tossa de Mar

After passing through some small roads to Llagostera and then over the nine kilometer climb of "Sant Grau” - the decent is very twisty and has some stunning views of the coast on the way down. Once you get to the bottom and turn right along the coast towards Tossa De Mar, that section is one of the most scenic roads in the region.

Cap de Creus - Caduques

Though about a one hour ride out of town, it is well worth the effort since it is one of the best roads in the world. And to enhance the outing, there is a fantastic place to stop for lunch at the end of the cap. The old town of Cadaques also offers a wonderful place to explore, but don’t arrive hungry if it is siesta time.

Panta Susqueda Dam & Sanctuary

Riding across the Panta Susqueda Dam will reward you with some of the most spectacular views looking across the dammed lake and then into the deep valley carved out by the River Ter. The steep ride up to the Sanctuary will afford some more amazing views and leave you in no doubt why this would be the perfect place for a sanctuary.

Mare de Déu del Mont

One of the most spectacular views and highest climbs in the region. Towards the top of the climb the roads are really open with an amazing backdrop to enjoy. Definitely a climb to target on a day you are feeling fit, and if the weather is foul you can look forward to climbing above the clouds.

Santuari dels Angels

A climb just above Girona. Very nice way to finish your ride as you can come up from the east side, enjoy a perfect view at the top over Giorna, have a coffee at the sanctuary restaurant and descend right down to Girona.



Eva Synnestvedt Hansen
Simon Hugo Hedman
Juliette Lea Maria Landon
Norbert Gruber-Filippits
Miles Baker-Clarke


Peter Mečiar
assisted by Ján Čechovský


Tomáš Franta
assisted by Martin Kacvinsky

Art direction and Marketing

Martin Gross
Martin Uhrín


Zuzana Velitsová
Andrea Jaslovská


Olivia Kaferly

Executive production

Martin Velits

Shot on Location
Girona, Spain 2017

In our quest to rediscover and revisit the feeling of freedom and pure joy we get from riding, we will be traveling to some interesting places. And we will be sharing those #cyclingmemories with you.