Back in 2013, Martin Velits — the founder of Isadore — was taking part in the race Milan-San Remo. Winter was almost over. Crossing the northern Italian town of Ovada, the peloton was caught by a severe snowstorm. Conditions were so bad, the race had to be shortened. Since then, Martin carried an idea to create apparel that would provide the best protection in the worst weather conditions.


That’s how Ovada Deep Winter Tights were born — and that’s what we recommend wearing in nasty conditions, together with our wind- and waterproof long-sleeve jersey.

Ovada Deep Winter Tights

Suitable for rides in close-to-zero and sub zero temperatures
Self-cleaning: water & dirt runs off the surface
Water and windproof protection of exposed sections

Long Sleeve Shield Jersey Etherea

Great as a mid-layer during winter
Superlight windshield membrane on the most exposed areas
Merino bi-component material

But winter doesn't always mean bad weather. Sometimes
it’s sunny, sometimes it rains. So let’s go on with our guide.

Here are the basic dressing principles for any winter weather:


Wear a baselayer – always. Merino baselayers are amazing things: they warm you when you feel cold and absorb moisture when you get into your stride and start sweating. We’ve got a range of 100% merino baselayers, in different sleeve lengths and colours.


Always carry a spare neck warmer with you on rides. Neck warmers are versatile and can protect not just the neck area but also part of your face if you wear it up to nose. The only problem, it gets soaked because of condensation. Having the second neck warmer solves the problem – especially if your ride takes several hours. Time to buy a spare?

Cold and sunny day

Vapour appearing every time you exhale, frost tingling the tip of your nose, dazzling sunshine bouncing off the tarmac — probably our favourite winter riding conditions. And you won’t need much.

If the road is free of snow, very soon you’ll speed up and get warm. On top of your baselayer choose a long-sleeve jersey and a cycling vest, on the bottom just add a pair of leg warmers to your regular bibs. Alternatively to the long-sleeve jersey, you can combine a short sleeve jersey with a pair of arm warmers.

Here are some of our favourites:

Wind and rain

When the weather is like this you’ll meet far fewer cyclists on your way, but with proper clothing you can still manage to have a good ride.

Here, you’ll mostly need wind- and water-proof gear, in addition to your regular kit.

Check these out:

Ride with joy!

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