Recently we’ve released the Iceland Adventure jersey. On this occasion, we gathered all our Iceland experience in this guide: stories, tips for cyclists and many great pictures — to motivate you to go and explore the country.

A tiny intro

Last year, September 2016, we visited Iceland and it was love at the first sight. Cyan rivers, large glaciers and countless fjords — the best combo for a road cyclist who craves for a bigger getaway.


Iceland is not the only place on earth where you can see the Northern lights but its boundless landscapes with minimum of light pollution create an ambience of solitude and peace.

Fascinated by the gracefulness of the lights, we created the special edition of Iceland Adventure jersey that represents the colors of this natural phenomenon.

As Isadore’s classics, the jersey is constructed from the finest Merino bi-component material — a soft and itch-free fabric. The jersey will come in handy during the hot summer days, keeping you dry and odorless. Pair it with Merino arm warmers and you will get a chill morning kit.

The number of jerseys is limited

Our stories

Our tips

If you put Iceland on the list of your next cycling destinations — great choice.

  1. Plan your routes with this cycling map
  2. Hunt for the Northern lights with the Icelandic Met Office Aurora forecast
  3. This is the nice bike shop we’ve been to: Kria Cycles
  4. A must-taste on Iceland: Skyr - a dairy product which is a part of Icelandic cuisine for over a thousand years.
  5. Roads are made of very rough asphalt so we recommend stronger tyres for Iceland.

What to wear while cycling on Iceland

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