Advanced cuts

For more than six months we worked on perfecting the cuts of the Echelon pieces: shaping, seaming, testing, re-shaping, testing again — until we got the perfect fit.

Performance fabrics

For the Echelon collection we opted for the performance-driven treatments of the fabrics: Coldblack® and Sanitised®. With the treatments, the garments protect your skin against UV, cool your body, and keep away odours.

We remained loyal to our minimalist signature.

Meet the new performance products:

I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black, Men

A highly durable jersey designed for the performance-focused rider: aggressive cut, subtle labeling and bacteria- and odour-resistant fabric.

I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black, Women

A durable performance jersey with aggressive cut, subtle labeling and bacteria- and odour-resistant fabric.

I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak, Men

A minimalist, futuristic and technical jersey in Golden Oak.

I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak, Women

All Echelon jerseys, like this Golden Oak model for women, are enhanced with an advanced cut and made from performance fabric with UV-, odour- and bacteria-resistant qualities.

I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts

The bibs are treated with the Coldblack® and 3XDRY® technologies to protect your skin from UV radiation and quickly transfer moisture. Lightweight, breathable and perfectly refined.

I7A3O7E Echelon Bib shorts, Women

The I7A3O7E Echelon bibs are constructed for the female cyclists who aim at achieving the highest results. With minimal design and female-specific anatomic fit , the bibs absorb and transfer the sweat away from your body while protecting your legs from UV rays.

I7A3O7E Echelon Baselayer SL, BLack

This all-black baselayer is extremely stretchy and friction-free, thanks to minimal stitching.

Made from a cooling fiber.

I7A3O7E Echelon Baselayer SL, Women

The white baselayer precisely matches the body’s curves, ensuring maximum performance and comfort. The perforated fabric keeps your body at the right temperature.


Breathable, stretchable, performance-oriented, all-black.

I7A3O7E Echelon Baselayer SL, White

Cooling elastic fiber with minimal stitching. During extremely hot-weather rides, the white baselayer will prevent your body from overheating and maximize your performance.


Breathable, stretchable, performance-oriented, white.

I7A3O7E Echelon Baselayer SS Black, Women

Breathable, stretchable, performance-oriented, all-black.