Merino Gloves

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Merino Gloves

Merino Gloves

47,00 USD
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Merino Gloves
Merino Gloves


Essential part of winter accessories collection

  • Seamless construction
  • Merino Wool + durable Cordura® nylon
  • Silicone grip
  • Touch screen friendly fingertips

Merino wool seamless gloves is the essential product of our accessories winter collection.

Made from durable Cordura® nylon blended with finest Merino Wool fiber offers the highest comfort and protection when the days get cold and wet.

Features stylish silicone grip in the palm area to help keeping your hands firmly on handlebars.

Touch screen friendly yarn added into the fingertips allows you to operate your device without removing the gloves.

Available in four sizes.

Fast drying and moisture wicking.

Material composition: 80% Merino Wool / 20% Lycra.

Made in USA

Sizing guide


HAND WIDTH < 17 17 – 19 19 – 21 21+
GLOVES LENGTH < 21,5 21,5 – 24,5 24,5 – 26,5 26,5 – 27


HAND WIDTH < 6,7 6,7 – 7,5 7,5 – 8,25 8,25+
GLOVES LENGTH < 8,5 8,5 – 9,6 9,6 – 10,4 10,4 – 10,6

  • Nearly perfect

    Christopher Weber, Germany, 29.11.2019

    These are some very nice gloves, warm enough from 4° - 10° C. Above I use short gloves. Below I use winter gloves. What would make them perfect? Make the Isadore logo reflecting. Your hands are invisible in these gloves in darkness.

  • Great gloves

    glenn sullivan, Australia, 29.1.2019

    Brilliant gloves for the majority of cool climate riding (between 3 - 15 degrees Celsius). Breathe really well and works with touchscreen 1030 no problem. Love them. I have 3 pairs of gloves.......Heavy winter gloves (below around 3 degrees) these and my Isadore summer gloves.

  • Très bonne paire de gants.

    Sébastien LEROY, France, 22.1.2019

    J'ai été très surpris par la chaleur de cette paire de gants,utilisable jusqu'à 2-3°C. Il sont assez fin et vous ne perdrez pas votre dextérité(merci le grip!).Le lavage ne pause aucun problème(ni de décoloration,ni de rétrécissement).Un produit à avoir tous le temps dans sa poche!

  • Merino Gloves

    Leif, 1.11.2017

    Love those for their classic look and feel. If you are not into the robocop look but want to go classic and in style, these are great. Great feel and warm enough for 5C and surprisingly wind resistant. Haven't ridden them in the rain though. They are a bit slippery on the bars.

  • Love these gloves

    Ryan, Canada, 6.10.2017

    Love these gloves and the way they fit. I wore them in 4 degree Celsius weather last week and they kept my hands warm. I’m sure they’ll have many uses. I can’t wait to try them Nordic skiing too.

  • Perfect glove / perfect service

    Marcel Bernard, Germany, 23.2.2017

    I bought my pair one year ago. I use them for commuting and for walking. They keep my fingers warm down to 3 degree celsius. The first 5 minutes my finger get cold and then they warm up and stay. Great comfort and not bulky at all. Then one month ago the seam between thumb and forefinger opened. I sent a foto to Isadore and without any discussion I´ve got a new pair immediately. Didn´t even had to send the old ones back. What a service. One more reason to stay with Isadore. Just great.

  • Reduced to the max. Top Merino gloves

    Jens Heinen, Germany, 12.1.2017

    Nichts gegen Handschuhe aus Kunstfasern, mit Gelpolstern, Ausziehhilfen, Klettverschluss und Leuchtstreifen. Die Merinos von Isadore haben all dies nicht - von ein paar Kunstfasern mal abgesehen. Aber ihnen fehlt nichts, im Gegenteil: sehr angenehme Wärme bis nahe null Grad draußen, gutes Griffgefühl am Lenker, robustes und dennoch wollweiches Material. Waschgänge überstehen die Handschuhe gut, ein Smartphone lässt sich einfach und direkt bedienen. Echt cool!

  • Good quality gloves

    Roy Rovers, Netherlands, 11.1.2017

    These gloves have a good fit, they're a little bit firm but I like that. The grip is good. I use them on and off the bike.

  • Great Merino Gloves

    MICHAEL RUDINSKY, United States, 4.1.2017

    Merino Gloves with silicon grips I was not certain of the size to order so I purchased Medium and Large. Using the large size worked for me down to below freezing by using it over some full fingered padded gloves. The other smaller version works for me above about 5 degrees above freezing. These gloves go well with both jackets (Merino Membrane Softshell and Essential Jacket). Side point: I also use the gloves for driving gloves when the car steering wheel is cold during sub-freezing weather when the car is warming up.

  • Perfekte Handschuhe

    Andreas Hering, Germany, 8.11.2016

    Super Verarbeitung und super Tragegefühl. Die Handschuhe sind angenehm warm,kratzen nicht und man schwitzt nicht. Gut auch, dass damit die Bedienung des Handys einwandfrei möglich. Volle Punktzahl.

  • Current Favourites

    Adrian Miles, Australia, 22.8.2016

    Melbourne, winter. Where I live the morning commute can be close to zero. These don't quite cut it for that cold, but 4° up they are my favourites. Breath, don't get clammy, and surprisingly warm. Just not on those biting mornings.

  • Great allround clothes

    Tom Rawes, United Kingdom, 14.2.2016

    Absolutely brilliant gloves! Really comfortable and good fit. Can also be used in the depths of winter as layers with a waterproof set of gloves over the top!

  • just perfect

    Hans Luijendijk, Netherlands, 9.1.2016

    great looks and keeps the hands at a perfect temperature. not to warm not to cold, just right... :)

  • Almost Perfect

    John Murray, United Kingdom, 26.12.2015

    The quality is undoubtable :-) Unsure which size to order S or M, so I ordered both. But it tuned out the Small was a little too Small and the Medium is almost perfect :-( However as I say the quality is amazing and I will be back for a TherMerino comes the sales :-)

  • Love this glove!

    Robert Winkel, Netherlands, 25.11.2015

    Knitted gloves? Yes knitted gloves, but not like my mum used to knit but super warm, comfortable en even warm when they get wet in a rainy ride. (like today) Went out for a small ride in Flanders when it started to rain pretty heavy. After 45 min. my hands were still not cold. Chapeau for the Velits brothers for another fine product. And i like the understated brand logo's.

  • Warm & very comfy

    James Yeoman, United Kingdom, 15.11.2015

    Worn them a handful of times since buying them. Perfect fit & just the right cuff length for me too. Was surprised at how warm they are in autumn evening rides. Just about perfect for riding in autumn and spring weather really

  • Amazed!

    Mark James, United Kingdom, 27.10.2015

    Wasn't too sure about these as they didn't seem to be as substantial as you would expect from other brands. I suffer a lot with cold fingers and it borders on Reynauds Syndrome so it is important that I get the best gloves I can. All I can say is that so far they are superb. Not only are they really very warm they also breathe very well when climbing and you don't feel the need to remove them after working hard. I can't seem to understand how a simple glove works so well. There isn't any padding on the palm which is a little downside but even after 4hours it wasn't an issue. The grip is very good and you can operate a smartphone easily which is another bonus. Overall I am very impressed and look forward to see how they stand up to the winter ahead.

  • Wonder gloves

    Ed Newey, Switzerland, 8.9.2015

    I am very surprised with how good these were. In 5-12 degrees, a hard long ride, they were sensational. Comfortable, they kept my hands really dry and super warm! Coming off the top of a couple of Cols, in 2/3 degree wind chill, they were perfect - hands nice and warm, then going up the climbs in full sun 12 degrees, wicked away the sweat and kept things dry. The ONLY slight downside is the lack of padding on them but this does allow them to perform better at wicking and drying, and even after 4 hours "padded" gloves dont do much better. If you have never tried a glove like this get them - in fact get 3 pairs, for your friends who will also want some.

  • Great gloves on and off the bike.

    Markus Friedl, Germany, 19.6.2015

    I'm very happy with these gloves. They allow me to use my phone during winter rides and survived the first season, so I ordered a backup pair, in case I lose them :)

  • Merino Gloves

    Ronald Sydenham, United Kingdom, 16.4.2015

    These gloves are just perfect. They keep your hands at just the right temperature not hot and not cold. The most amazing thing is when you take them off and your hands are bone dry. Not just for the bike I would recommend these for everyday use. Another great product from Isadore at a fantastic price point,as with all Isadore products quality is top notch.

  • good quality gloves

    mike WISE, United Kingdom, 15.3.2015

    Being fedup with having waterproof cold weather gloves get wet inside from sweating or from water running down from my neck, getting uncomfortable and taking hours to dry out I went looking for Merino outer gloves, able to stay warm when wet and dry out faster as I have worn similar materials under 'drysuits' when caving in the past. Isadore was the only supplier I could find supplying these. The sizing chart put me at the lower end of my size range. Gloves were out of stock but Isadore messaged me when they came in and a pair was delivered promptly. The sizing appears to be accurate and for me this meant they were on the large size giving quite a loose fit which caused a crease across my palm, however this had no affect on my hands. There is obviously no padding in these gloves but again with well padded bars this isn't an issue for me and aids breathability and drying speed. I have used them 6 times so far, 5 times in the rain and at temperatures between 6 and 8C (at the bottom end of the specification range) and did what I expected them to do. At around 6C my finger tips got cold when dry but getting them wet in the rain did not make that worse or decrease comfort. They also dried out quite quickly. The loose fit meant I could slip a pair of liners inside them which made riding at around 6C more comfortable, again the gloves and liners got wet but with no impact on comfort - in fact you cant really tell if your hands are wet or not which is a big difference from the normal wet feeling and at worst 'sloshing' effect you get with waterproof gloves when wet inside. Overall a good buy and they look to be off a good build quality

  • Aleksander Seruga, Slovenia, 2.3.2015

    I have worn these gloves for two rides by now, one was 2h at 8-10degC and the other was 4h at 4-10degC... Look are great, quality seems OK too, the one thing that surprised me the most was how comfortable the gloves are... I usually tend to feel some numbness in my palms during the rides and that with padded gloves, while these have absolutely no padding I was really positively surprised as I had zero problems with numbness on these 6h of riding... Recommend... p.s.: I got a pair for my wife for running, and she finds them nice as well...

  • JAVIER DIAZ HERNANDEZ, Spain, 2.2.2015

    Los guantes son muy guapos y me encajan a la perfección. Son muy cómodos y protegen bastante del frío de Barcelona y sus alrededores... Son geniales y me alegra haberos descubierto..., sois auténticos en todo..... Un saludo

  • Ivo Kendra, Netherlands, 23.12.2014

    Although Dutch winters are relatively moderate when compared with the more harsh continental conditions, the North Sea coast rides - if not cold then at least nearly always windy - call for a proper pair of gloves, even for just an enthusiast like myself. I discovered the Isadore Apparel brand only recently via a friend and despite my original decision to go and try a pair of gloves in a high street shop to be sure of a good fit, the Isadore story made me curious enough to pull a trigger on a pair of the Merino Cycling Gloves. A couple of cold and foggy rides wearing the gloves down the line, all I can say is that I'm extremely happy with the purchase. The gloves fit me perfectly (size M). No sign of cold fingers at 3C; pleasantly warm but not sweating hot at 7C. Good grip at all times. No experience yet with sub zero or wet conditions. The touch screen friendly yarn at the tip of the fingers is a detail which I completely overlooked while shopping. This little feature however proved absolutely essential when in need of making a phone call and keeping the hands warm. Last but not least, the understated, yet modern look of the gloves, combined with the smart anthracite color, makes the gloves look great with any outfit, urban or sportive. I definitely recommend this product.

  • Good Quality / Retro style with new age touches

    Christos Patelis, Greece, 26.11.2014

    Very discreet. Missing is some padding for longer rides

  • Comfy gloves for spring/autumn rides

    Martin, Slovakia, 5.11.2020

    I like to keep my hands warm, so have been trying many different gloves for rides around 10ºC, when it's not cold enough for winter gloves but not warm enough for standard gloves. These merino gloves are perfect, comfortable, and even when the temp goes up/down during the ride, you won't get any discomfort wearing them.

  • logo

    Milan Hulman, Slovakia, 13.1.2020

    Mal som ich požičané od kamaráta a môžem len odporúčiť akurát to logo na rukaviciach mohlo byť reflexné Budem ich určite objednávať

  • Great gloves for winter rides

    Roman Salkovic, Slovakia, 11.1.2019

    I tried few gloves for my winter rides and none of them was as good as this product from Isadore. Even if the gloves seams to be quite thin, it takes only a while to get rid off a little pain in your fingers once you are warmed up (usually after 10 minutes ride if temperature drops below 0ºC).

  • Herr

    Tobias Deisenroth, 15.12.2017

    passen super sowohl auf dem Rennrad als auch in der Freizeit. Ich habe jetzt schon das 2. Paar weil sich leider an den Fingerspitzen der touch-empfindlichen Finger Löcher gebildet haben.

  • J'adore

    Mulotti Emmanuel, France, 2.12.2017

    Gants très beaux et très agréables à porter. Sortie du matin 3 heures à 2 degrés et juste frais aux doigts dans les descentes. Moi qui suis très frileux des doigts , j'ai trouvé mon bonheur.

  • Markus B.

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    Traumhafte Passform, exzellenter Temperatur-Haushalt sogar wenn sie mal nass werden. Bin mal gespannt bis wieviel Grad gen Null ich sie fahren kann.

  • Uli

    Ulrich Ziegler, Germany, 12.9.2017

    Passform sehr gut, sehr lange Stulpe, die gut unter die Trikotärmel passen; wirken sehr robust und etwas rauh im Griff, trotzdem sehr angenehm. Spitzenprodukt - auch zum Laufen gut geeignet. . Klare Empfehlung

  • Reinhard

    Reinhard Kinzl, Austria, 21.11.2016

    Top. Sehen schön aus, sodass man sie nicht nur zum Radfahren verwenden kann, halten die Finger schön warm, vermitteln sicheren Griff am Lenker; Temperaturgrenze würde ich bei etwa 5° ansetzen (wobei ich nicht sehr kälteempfindlich bin). Achtung: Die Hanschuhe fallen sehr groß aus. Ich trage normalerweise Handschuhgröße 9,5 oder 10. Hier reicht mir größe L locker.

  • Perfekter Sitz, tolle Qualität

    Bert Scharpenberg, Germany, 20.2.2016

    Mein Lieblings-Accessoire für Winter und Herbst. Obwohl sie sehr dünn sind, halten sie auch bei Temperaturen bis zu 5°C schön warm. Selbst kurze Regenschauer weichen sie nicht auf. Klasse ist auch, dass man mit ihnen sein Smartphone bedienen kann. Meine Frau habe ich auch ein Paar bestellt. Die fährt zwar kein Rennrad, die Handschuhe gefallen ihr aber trotzdem sehr.

  • sehr gute Handschuhe

    martin lieberherr, Switzerland, 15.9.2015

    Die Handschuhe sind sehr bequem, man schwitzt nicht, TOP

  • Super

    Lars Kattge, Germany, 9.4.2015

    Die Handschuhe sind wirklich super. Preis/Leistung ist hervorragend, vom Temperaturbereich habe ich sie von knapp über 0 bis 8 Grad getestet. Gepolstert sind sie nicht, aber das stört mich nicht. Klare Kaufempfehlung!

  • Gloves what I was looking for

    Michal Rampášek, Slovakia, 5.4.2015

    Gloves fit me perfectly in M size. Hands do not sweat. Hands are well protected but still it remains excellent sensitivity in shifting.

  • Passform super & aussehen

    Michael Bernhart, Germany, 12.12.2014

    Benutze sie jedem Tag, auch jetzt im Dezember zum am morgen auf die Arbeit zufahren.

  • Best winter gloves ever worn

    Jörg Richner, Switzerland, 9.12.2014

    They fit perfecty and keep my hand always comfortably warm from 0° to 10°

  • Michael, Germany, 5.12.2014

    Tolle Handschuhe: Passform, Temperaturmanagement, Aussehen! Verwende sie nicht nur auf dem Rad, sondern auch so im Winter! TOP!!

  • OK, but ...

    gerard miller, France, 5.12.2015

    Used them riding down (temperature 6°C) a Pyrenean col with a 500m descent elevation - no filtering of vibration and my hands were pretty numb at the end. Nice gloves but really only for temperate climatic conditions.

  • Merino Gloves

    gerard miller, France, 16.11.2015

    Rode them down a 1000m descent on a sunny day in the Pyrenees in late October - at the bottom of the col my fingers were numb. Nice gloves but could do with a fraction more padding, really only good on VERY slightly cold days.

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