Signature Gloves Black

50,00 USD
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Signature Gloves Black

Signature Gloves Black

50,00 USD
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Signature Gloves Black
Signature Gloves Black


An essential item for long-distance escapes

  • Swiss face material with Coldblack® treatment for dispersing heat
  • Luxurious Italian Alcantara on the palm side
  • Practical features for easy on-off
  • Subtle labelling

For an enhanced grip on the bars and improved hand protection during long rides.

Designed by Martin Velits.

Sizing guide


HAND WIDTH < 22 22 – 24 24 – 26 26+
GLOVES LENGTH < 15 15 – 16 16 – 16,5 16,5 – 18


HAND WIDTH < 8,6 8,6 – 9,4 9,4 – 10,2 10,2+
GLOVES LENGTH < 5,9 5,9 – 6,3 6,3 – 6,5 6,5 – 7

  • Best gloves ever

    glenn sullivan, Australia, 29.1.2019

    Simply the best riding gloves on the planet! I have now bought 2 pairs for myself and another 3 pairs to give to friends as presents. Wear amazingly well with padding in the right areas. Will never buy other gloves again.

  • Fantastic gloves

    Martin Thursby, United Kingdom, 9.7.2018

    Great quality, fit and comfort. On the pricey side, but well worth it.

  • excellent gloves

    William Reeves, United States, 26.4.2018

    These are my favorite gloves..they are very comfortable and fit well..

  • Gloves with good function

    Nick Wang, Taiwan, 1.3.2018

    I got the new gloves right before 110k ride in humid but mild temp. The palm looked "so so" but once I put them on and on my non-taped handlebar, it's beyond description with the comfy and the width of the wrist obviously well-tailored. I am looking forward to testing them in heat summer in Taiwan. The only dislike is the position of nose wipe too small and too close to palm, personal preference would be between the thumb and the index finger.

  • Perfect

    Steen Petersen, United Kingdom, 22.8.2017

    Best and most comfortable gloves I have owned. Strongly recommend

  • perfect fit

    Martin Werren, Switzerland, 21.8.2017

    best gloves I ever had. Period. Soft, comfortable, perfect fit. I know where to buy my next pair of gloves.

  • simply good

    Roger Bräm, Switzerland, 20.8.2017

    Stylish and comfortable. They are long you get a tan line over the wrist. This is only visible when you don't wear them thus almost never.

  • Superb Gloves

    Zhi Wen Tham, Singapore, 2.8.2017

    The gloves look absolutely stylish, a nice matt black showcasing the weave of the fabric. The padding was just right, providing some cushioning when gripping the handlebars. The material is rather stretchy and really conforms to the shape of your hand, with the sizing chart being spot on. Light, well made and functional, fully recommended.

  • lovely mitts

    Solomon, 14.7.2017

    after years of trying to find a slim fit glove with minimal bulk, I've finally found it! lovely pair of mits, just the right amount of padding, but oh so comfortable. Excellent!

  • Best

    Mathew Ashton, Australia, 6.6.2017

    I like a glove that is subtly styled and minimally padded. The Signature glove ticks those boxes. The sizing is also true to the website's instructions. From the first ride they have been comfortable and I don't even notice that I am wearing them. I will be ordering more of these.

  • Stylish & functional

    Pierre Geronimo Corvaia, Austria, 31.5.2017

    I have to say when I first saw them, that they are larger (total length) than many other cycling gloves I have seen before. I personally like this! Nevertheless the upper fabric come thin enough not to overheat but thick enough to give a comfortable fit. Gloves are made in Italy and the details like a piece of fabric that helps you to swipe away your sweat from your face or straps that helps you to remove them quickly from your hands - are some to mention. I love them already after only a few rides.

  • Another quality item

    Mark Botham, United Kingdom, 15.5.2017

    Do not think these are highly priced for gloves. Having moved away from a gel based glove to these, they offer supreme comfort. They fit well and have great design features for easy removal. Once again, Isadore produce a quality product.

  • Quality gloves

    Martin, Slovakia, 15.4.2020

    When I first put on these, they felt very good and comfy. However after first longer ride (4hrs), they were bit uncomfortable as on my right hand the glove rub the area between index finger and middle finger. Anyway, I continued to use them and it has improved over time - either I get used to it or the glove has softened in that area of rub :) Probably it's just my weirdo hand as the issue is only with right glove, but therefore -1star.

  • Très bien

    Mulotti Emmanuel, France, 13.2.2018

    Pour l'instant je ne m'en suis servi que sur le home trainer et ils sont très agréable a porter. Doux au toucher, facile a enfiler et à enlever. Très bonne qualité.

  • Markus B.

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    Atemberaubend perfekter Kurzfinger-Handschuh. Absolut angenehm zu tragen, fast wie "barhändig" Die sind jeden Cent wert!

  • Bernhard

    Bernhard Baier, Germany, 21.8.2017

    Habe XXl bestellt-schöne Qualität-aber mir zu klein. Rückerstattung war kein Problem

  • Fernando

    Fernando, 11.5.2017

    Love them. Good grip and super soft!