Women's TherMerino Jersey

Soft and luxurious fleece on the inside of the jersey will keep you warm and cozy on cold rides. Its blend of tech materials and Merino will be your key to feeling completely weather ready.

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225,00 USD
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Women's TherMerino Jersey Cabernet
Women's TherMerino Jersey Cabernet 225,00 USD

Thick and incredibly versatile cycling jersey for winter riding

Product description

Luxuriously soft and warm, with material that is a touch more concentrated than the Long Sleeve Jersey, our TherMerino Long Sleeve Jersey offers comfort, insulation and a fitted, non-flappy cut for cold days in the saddle. New colors in the men’s and women’s cuts will help enhance the style of any ride.

  • Anatomically shaped fit specific for women
  • Combination of finest Merino wool, Polyester and Elastane
  • Side panels construction for better anatomic fit
  • Silicone tape around the rear hem to keep the jersey in place
  • Designed by the Isadore team and Martin Velits using his experience from the pro peloton
  • Made in Slovakia
  • 53 % Polyester
  • 43 % Merino wool
  • 4 % Lycra

Size Guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH 61 – 64 64 – 67 66 – 69 68 – 71 70 – 72 71 – 74
B - CHEST 80 – 84 84 – 88 88 – 92 92 – 96 94 – 98 98 – 104
C - HIPS 78 – 82 82 – 86 86 – 90 90 – 94 94 – 98 98 – 102
D - COLLAR 31 – 33 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH 24 – 25 25 – 26,5 26 – 27 26,75 – 28 27,5 – 28,5 28 – 29
B - CHEST 31,5 – 33 33 – 34,5 34,5 – 36 36 – 37,5 37 – 38,5 38,5 – 41
C - HIPS 30,8 – 32,25 32,25 – 34 34 – 35,5 35,5 – 37 37 – 38,5 38,5 – 40
D - COLLAR 12 – 13 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17

The cut is slim fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.


5 / 5
57 reviews

  • Another winner

    Kathleen Holoch, United States, 12.12.2020

    Wore this today, 49f and rain showers. The jersey isn't super windproof, but that also is why it breathes very well. I was comfortably warm and never felt wet or cold (or overheated). I liked the length of this jersey. It seems a little bit longer than some of my other Isadore jerseys, which is perfect for cold weather. The pockets are generous enough, the zipper is easy to operate, and the sleeves are nice and long. Overall, another great purchase from Isadore. The fabric, fit, and details on their clothing is great. Everything I have from them looks brand new no matter how many times I've worn it. Great quality and worth the investment.
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  • Very warm!

    Abner Miralda, United States, 21.1.2022 (TherMerino Jersey Bijou Blue)

    I have two of these jerseys-- the dark green and mustard yellow. They look great in person! The material is thick and warm, and really feels like one of those fancy sweaters you love during winter except it's built like a cycling jersey! Performance-wise, this is so warm it took me a little bit of playing with my wardrobe to figure it out. The material is thick, so I can't wear it under my aero racing wind shells. These days I wear it as a standalone with different types of base layers or under bigger jackets when it's frigid. The merino is super warm and insulating even when wet-- I got caught in a 45-deg F rain shower with only a short sleeve base layer underneath and thin tights over my legs and I stayed perfectly warm and comfortable despite being sopping wet when I arrived back home. I have really enjoyed the versatility this jersey offers. With different base layers, vest options, and accessories, this jersey design has enabled me to retire and clear out a few of my other winter and shoulder season pieces. I highly recommend this jersey.
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  • TherMerino Jersey - Tobbaco

    Stuart Murden, United Kingdom, 9.12.2021 (TherMerino Jersey Bijou Blue)

    This garment is really cosy. So far tried it out at 4-6 degrees C and it works very well. I'm 160lb, 5'10, 66yrs 120km/wk regular plus long-distance trips. Size L works well for me as not too 'racy' in fit. Commuter and tourer mostly
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  • Perfect for hard winter

    Melih Aslan, United States, 21.11.2021 (TherMerino Jersey Dried Tobacco)

    I recently moved to MI so winter is too harsh here however if it is not a rainy day this is a perfect product to keep you warm. I really liked the fabric.
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  • Good addition to my wardrobe

    Joost Gremmen, Netherlands, 3.3.2021 (TherMerino Jersey Sycamore)

    I bought this long sleeve recently. Too late was my first reaction when I had it in my hands: it's thick and heavy, and winter already left my country. But on a early morning ride (around zero Celsius) I decided to wear it. At first it seemed not warm enough, as it doesn't block the wind, but after a minute of 10 it started to do what you want such a shirt to do: keep you comfortable without making you sweat (and cooling you down again). The remain of the ride it stayed like that and that is, for me, unusual but very positive. This shirt is well made for longer rides in lower temperatures. Perfect for a gravel rider such as myself, who rides all year round.
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