Isadore Ass Saver

12,00 USD
Isadore Ass Saver

Isadore Ass Saver

12,00 USD
Isadore Ass Saver
Isadore Ass Saver


For the lack of sunshine... let there be mud!

  • Compatible with almost every standard rail saddle.
  • 100% recyclable polypropylene.
  • Save your Isadore ass today!

If you have ever ridden your bike without mudguards in the wet you will know there is nothing more horrible than having your private “behind” sprayed.

Let alone - when you have gone to great length on style and end up looking like you rolled out of a mud wrestling competition.

Now you can save your Isadore ass in the same aesthetic style as your attire as we have produced the official Isadore Ass-Savers in partnership with Swedish company Ass-Savers.

As your prepare yourself for the coming Spring season this may possibly be your new best friend.

The Isadore Ass-Saver is incredibly easy to mount and once in place, it stays in place - no matter whether you are on the road or going full throttle on muddy gravel.


Weight: 15 grams
Measures: 340 x 100 mm

This is how you install your Isadore Ass-Saver:

1. When you receive your Isadore Ass-Saver it is flat.

2. On the Isadore Ass-Saver you will see some prepared printed lines in the mudguard.

3. Start bending your Isadore Ass-Saver along these line - don’t worry, it will not break.

4. Bend the middle-section of the Isadore logo, so your Ass-Saver bends slightly downwards.

5. Bend the square Isadore #Cyclingmemories section, so the “wings” of the Ass-saver bends slightly downwards.

6. Move to the top, and fold the round tip of the Ass-saver down along the line, so it points downwards.

7. Push and pull the Isadore Ass-Saver underneath your saddle, in-between the rails.

8. Fasten the Ass-Saver by pulling the tip into the two pre-produced holes into your saddle rails.

9. Your Isadore Ass-Saver is now installed.

If in doubt - follow the visible instructions printed on the back of this product.

  • Minimal look Maximum effect!

    Vaughan Watson, United Kingdom, 18.12.2017

    easy to fit, lightweight, minimal looks and it stops unwanted mud and spray decorating your cool Isadore gear ! essential for those Autumn/Winter rides.

  • Cool gadget!

    Matthias, Germany, 3.12.2017

    Cool gadget! Way better than not riding or experiencing that cold damp feeling crawling up your back...

  • Tut was er soll

    Reinhard, Austria, 3.9.2018

    und ist einfach zu montieren. Gerade für den immer näher kommende Herbst ein unverzichtbares gadget!

  • Guido

    Guido Bollenbach, Germany, 17.3.2018

    The best there is. Not that long but easy to install when the time is right.

  • Material Top

    Veit Krannich, Germany, 22.9.2015

    Leider etwas zu kurz. Könnte 4-5 cm länger sein.

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